Monday, February 14, 2011

Filmiküsitlus - Napoleon Maddox

Napoleon Maddox esineb viie päeva päras, ehk siis 19. veebruaril kell 19.00 Kumu auditooriumis kus ta lausub helid ja sõnad peale meie Iseseisvussõjast pajatavale filmile "Noored Kotkad". Mis mõtted liiguvad ühe mustanahalise noore peas kui ta sedalaadi, tema jaoks täiesti võõrast kultuurist ja ajaloost pärit kinotükki helindama otsustas hakata? No kohapeal selgu. Lugega lisa ürituse Facebooki lehelt ja tulge kohale!

Name: Napoleon Maddox
Bänd: ISWHAT?!
MySpace: ISWHAT?!
Hamepage: ISWHAT?!

1. What movies and what kind of movies are you favorite ever?

I love movies that have very layered, intense characters.. And movies with foreshadowing,.. & other effects that give you the feeling that you are watching something that will revealing greater meaning later as you explore the theme further..One of my favorites is "Once Upon A Time In America" I also love the movies "Deja Vu" and "Cry Freedom" (Denzel Washington is star in both these films,.. Cry Freedom tells the story of Anti-Aparthied activist, Steven Biko)

What movies have impressed you deeply?

There are lots of movies that impress me deeply .. I prefer to see these kind of movies "Return to Paradise" feat. Joaquin Phoenix really will impress you to consider the quality of your friendships & loyalty.

2. What was the last memorable movie you saw?

The last one I saw that really had me thinking for days & days and even now is "Inception" .. It makes me think that we only call things science fiction because we haven't learned how it really works.. Just like the was a time that Skype was science fiction ,.. As well as airplanes, lasers & robots .. So why can't the dream world someday be as explored in reality as it was in "Inception" ?? What if it already is being explored in this way?

3. What kind of music have you listened to lately and feel happy to suggest?

I LOVE the music of Lhasa!!! I wish she were still with us... I wish I could have seen her play at least just one time..
I also find Buika utterly amazing!!! So much soul!!! I hope I meet her soon and get the chance to work with her..

I like the latest GhostfaceKillah album, it's more hardcore than the early albums he did .. But I always hearing his phrasing and wild stories.. I hope that eventually DOOM, Jay Electronica and Ghostface will make an album and I hope DJ Khalil and JustBlaze do most of the production. I'd like to just sing the chorus on each of these songs.. :)

Thank you mr. Maddox!
Kaader filmist Once Upon A Time In America.

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