Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Filmiküsitlus - Dario Russo

Eile kirjutasin seriaalist, täna väike intervjuu looja-lavastajaga. Danger 5 on HÕFF´i kavas jagatuna kahte ossa, ehk siis episoodid 1-3 ühel seansil ja 4-6 teisel. Aga piloot osa? Ma küsin, et millal näidatakse pilooti? Mitte, et see nüüd palju juurde annaks, sest tegu siiski reklaami eesmärgilvalminud tööga, aga siiski. Viisakas oleks ja fännid saaks täiskõhu tunde kätte.

Name: Dario Russo
IMDb: Dario Russo
Homepage: Dinosaur

1. What movies and what kind of movies are you favorite ever? What movies have impressed you deeply?

My Favourite movie ever is Jurassic Park. It was my favourite movie as a child so I am probably biased by nostalgia. I can't watch this movie enough. I can watch anything with dinosaurs in it.

I also love Robocop. I think Paul Verhoeven has an amazing ability to create amazing action movies that are infused with a really dry sense of humour without getting branded as 'action-comedies'.

2. What was the last memorable movie you saw?

I really enjoyed Django Unchained. Coincidentally, I think Tarantino, much like Verhoeven, has a talent for marrying comedy and exaggerated violence extremely well without seeming forced.

3. What kind of music/bands have you listened lately and feel happy to suggest?

I have been listening to a band called Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Their latest album "II" is great. I particularly love the track Opposite of Afternoon. It's the kind of track that should be listened to while riding a tractor on a bright day.

Also, I have been giving a Japanese fusion band called Casiopea a lot of playtime. I recommend their 1981 album "Eyes of the Mind". You should really only approach that album if you like Jazz fusion though, it's dense.

Thank you Dario!

Kaader filmist Jurassic Park.

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